Bridge at Leighlin



travelling green

We are preparing for our 4th Green Flag by travelling to school in a green manner.


Working for a 2nd Green Flag! (Photos)

Welcome to our Green School!
Action Plan for Water
Water Codes and Contracts
Surveys, Experiments etc.
Water Curriculum Links
Visitors to the School
Facts and Figures
How we Reduce our Waste
Tidy Towns Competition
Water Poems and Acrostics


We work closely with the local Tidy Towns committee.

Take a look at some photos of the way we recycle.



We have been generating energy from wind power.

We have been assessed for our second green flag!


Minister with pupils Enlarge

The Minister for Education and Science presents us with our green flag!

This is our beautiful village:


In the school we have put together our own Junior Tidy Towns committee which will work with everyone in the community to make our environment even more beautiful.

Working for a Green Flag
Christmas Art Gallery (Recycled Materials)
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Competition Winners