Bridge at Leighlin

Our Poems

Cats of the Wild

You may be a lion
King of the jungle and the wild too
Hunting at sundown
We are all afraid of you!
You may be a tiger
Hunting at night
Whenever we see you
We get a fright!
A wild cat prowls my garden
Hunting down a rat
I am not afraid of this one
Because he is my pussycat!

by Aoife Doheny



On chips I put ketchup,
Kinda spices me but I don’ t really
Care , I love ketchup
I put it on everything ,
Not exactly everything ,
But I don’t really care,
Cos I love ketchup.

by Rebecca Purcell


Ice Cream

Ice cream, ice cream
You’re lovely and
You’re nice.
You’re soft
You’re white
And you’re …
Oh so bright.
You’re creamy
You’re yummy
I just can’t get enough.
That’s why ice cream, ice cream
You’re wonderful,

by Lorna Drea




Yummy yummy
I got jelly in my tummy.
Tummy tummy
I got jelly in my tummy.
Jelly jelly,
That’s what’s in my belly!

by Aoife Johnston



Crisps, chocolate and jelly tots too.
You’re sweets I know
That’s why I want to eat you!

Crisps, chocolate and jelly tots too.
You’re sweets I know
Can I eat all of you?

Crisps, chocolate and jelly tots too.
You’re sweets I know.
Oh, how much I love you!

by Mary Mc Crossan



Oh turkey, oh turkey,
I love you so much,
You taste so very nice,
With that extra touch,
Of stuffing,
Oh yum, yum yummy,
I just cannot wait,
Until you are in my tummy!
Oh turkey, oh turkey
You taste so divine
I hope that today
On you I will dine!
If I could eat you
Night and day
Not even to play!

Aoife Doheny



Food is yummy
It goes down my tummy.
Beans are yummy
With potatoes and honey.
Cake is yummy
I can’t get enough.
Food is yummy
For me and my tummy!

by Adam Kearney