Bridge at Leighlin


Calendar 16/17

(some holidays in 2017 may be subject to change)

August '16   30th (Tue)   School reopens for all pupils  


October   31st- (Mon-)   Closed for Hallowe'en  

November   -4th (-Fri)   Closed for Hallowe'en

December   22nd (Thurs)   Closing for Christmas holidays

January '17   9th (Mon)   Reopening after Christmas  

February   23rd - 24th (Thu-Fri)   Closed for mid-term

17th - 20th (Fri-Mon)
  Closed for St. Patrick's Weekend

April   7th (Fri)   Closing for Easter holidays  

April   24th (Mon)   Reopening after Easter  

May   1st (Mon)   Closed for bank holiday

June   2nd - 6th (Fri-Tue)   Closed for bank holiday weekend

  28th (Wed)   Closing for summer holidays


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