Bridge at Leighlin

A Bully to a Friend

She's a bully, she's not a friend ,
She's in our group from start to end,
At break she says to us “Hey nerds,”
Everybody says they're only words.

She always says “Oh gosh they're broke,”
They all think it's just a joke,
The boys, she always calls them honey ,
They all think that she's so funny.

When we're walking out the gates ,
She's checking all the stylish rates ,
She's always like “I'm number one,
I don't think you could make it hun”.

After school when we're at mass,
The cool kids are all at gym class,
She always says “You didnt come,
With me, my friends and everyone”.

When I'm at home,  I sulk all night ,
And all I want to do is fight,
When I'm in bed , I sit and cry ,
She picks on me , I dont know why.

At last I've let out all my fears,
This time I haven't burst into tears,
I've let out all my hurt inside ,
There is no reason for me to hide.

Come on now , let's go and play ,
We could try and be friends today,
She's no longer a bully, she's now my friend ,
We'll stick together from now till the end.